Shabbat Shalom and Happy Purim!!!

Rhinebeck Jewish Center

We are so grateful to everyone who joined us for A Sweet Evening, it was a spectacular event!
We are so excited for Purim and hope you are too! Our Purim Party will the best ever-join us and bring a friend!
We hope you can make it to Minyan this Shabbos before Purim.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Hanoch and Tzivie Hecht

Short thought


The Four Mitzvot of Purim

1) Listen to the Megillah To relive the miraculous events of Purim, listen to the reading of the Megillah ( the Scroll of Esther) twice: once on Purim eve, Saturday night, March 19, and again on Purim day, March 20.
To properly fulfill the mitzvah, it is crucial to hear every single word of the Megillah.
At certain points in the reading where Haman’s name is mentioned, it is customary to twirl graggers (Purim noisemakers) and stamp one’s feet to “eradicate” his evil name.

2) Give to the Needy (Matanot La’evyonim) Concern for the needy is a year-round responsibility; but on Purim it is a special mitzvah to remember the poor. Give charity to at least two (but preferably more) needy individuals on Purim day, March 20. The mitzvah is best fulfilled by giving directly to the needy. As with the other mitzvahs of Purim, even small children should be taught to fulfill this mitzvah.

3) Send Food Portions to Friends (Mishloach Manot) On Purim we emphasize the importance of Jewish unity and friendship by sending gifts of food to friends. On Purim day, March 20, send a gift of at least two kinds of ready-to-eat foods (e.g., pastry, fruit, beverage) to at least one friend.

4) Eat, Drink and Be Merry Purim should be celebrated with a special festive meal on Purim day, at which family and friends gather together to rejoice in the Purim spirit. It is a mitzvah to drink wine or other inebriating drinks at this meal.



A vagrant comes up to the front door of a neat looking farmhouse and raps gently on the door. When the farm owner answers, the vagrant asks him, “Please, sir, could you give me something to eat? I haven’t had a good meal in several days.” The owner says, “I have made a fortune in my lifetime by supplying goods for people. I’ve never given anything away for nothing. However, if you go around the back, you will see a gallon of paint and a clean paint brush. If you will paint my porch in the back of the house, I will give you a good meal.” So the vagrant goes around back and a while later he again knocks on the door. The owner asks, “Finished already? Good. Come on in. Sit down. The cook will bring your meal right in.” The vagrant says, “Thank you very much, sir. But there’s something that I think you should know. It’s not a Porsche you got there. It’s a BMW..”

The Rhinebeck Jewish Center is a project of Chabad Dutchess.
Events Calendar

Minyan Club
Saturday Shabbat Services, 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM
Followed by a delicious Kiddush
16 W. Chestnut St., Rhinebeck NY

Purim 2011!

Saturday, March 19th:
Megillah reading followed by light refreshments: 8:00 PM at the RJC
16 W Chestnut St, Rhinebeck
Sunday March 20th:
Purim Party!!!
9:30 AM Services
10:00 AM Megillah Reading
10:30 AM Children’s Magic Show and Brunch! At the Delamater Inn, 6435 Rte 9, Rhinebeck

PJ Popcorn
Our monthly club at the Starr Library in Rhinebeck. 1st Tuesday of every month, 6PM-7PM
Next occurrence, April 5th 2011

Soup Salad and Soul
Our monthly Women’s Brunch
3rd Sunday of every month
Due to Purim we are skipping March’s SS&S – Please join us for our Purim Program Sunday March 20th!

Next occurrence April 17th,2011

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Candle Lighting Times:

-Friday, March 11th: Light Candles 6:47 PM

-Shabbat, March 12th: Shabbat ends 7:47 PM

Refuah Shelema’s:

Please contact us with any
Mazal Tov’s or Refuah Shelema’s at



offers a wide range of programs for the entire Jewish community. No membership is necessary, and we welcome all — regardless of affiliation or background.

Chabad provides a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for Jewish families and individuals to explore our rich heritage.
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  1. Jason says:

    Check out this “humorous” purim film that my grandson showed me

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