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Friday, March 25 2011

Adar 2 19, 5771

Parshat Shemini


Parshat Parah

A word from the Rabbi
Over 175 people from all over came to participate in Purim in the Orient held on Sunday at the Clarion Hotel. After booing out Haman’s name during the Megillah reading, we all enjoyed great kosher Chinese food, lively music and dancing with Jonathan Carr. Crafts included Chinese calligraphy, candy shushi making and oriental Purim masks. A costume parade for the kids made all the moms and dads (and the kids) very proud!


To view the complete set of pictures on “Purim in the Orient” please click below:
To view a video of the Purim Bash please click below:
The evening was highlighted by special performances from members of the Mid Hudson Chinese Society- akung fu demo, a yo yo dance and an amazing Chinese Acrobatic Show with world class performer Li Liu. The greatest Purim bash ever!
Special thanks to Beth and Jedd Tango for all the magnificient pictures and slide show as well as to our generous sponsors who enable us to bring you such a wonderful Purim event!
A special thank you to the many volunteers who came to help set up and stayed to help clean up.
We thank you all profusely!
And above all, to all of you for coming and joining us as we all come together to celebrate this joyous holiday!
Rabbi Yacov and Hindy Borenstein

An evening of Heroism and Inspiration – April 4

In tribute to the inspiration and courage of Jewish women and the indomitable spirit of Holocaust Survivors, The Jewish Women’s Circle of Mid Hudson Valley will be hosting an evening of Inspiration and Hope with Joanne Caras, author of the Holocaust Survivor Cookbook on Monday, April 4 at 7:30 pm at the home of Sheri Raften, 43 Saddlerock Rd, in Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
Shabbat Services at 10:00 AM followed by a kiddush.
hebrew school

Hebrew School:

Sunday Morning – Hebrew School classes from 10:00 AM – 12:15 PM.

Tea & Torah

A warm, informal class taught by Hindy Borenstein that covers relevant topics from the weekly Torah portionor other timely events and issues antead how they relate to our personal lives.

Wednesday Mornings from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Location: Chabad Center, 63 Vassar Rd, Poughkeepsie


Assorted teas/coffee and pastries will be served.

Dear Friends:

How do you develop confidence when you don’t have it? How does one overcome fear, nerves and anxieties? Well, without going into major psychological dissertations (which I’m not qualified to do in the first place), let’s see if we can find some insight in this week’s Parshah.

Everything was set for the inauguration of the sacred service in the Sanctuary. The week-long preparations had been completed. Now it was Aaron’s turn to approach the altar and begin the service. But Aaron was reluctant. He still felt a sense of shame for his part in the Golden Calf episode. So Moses calls out to Aaron, “Approach the altar and perform the services.” (Leviticus 9:7). Aaron did so and completed all the required tasks correctly. But what exactly did Moses say to Aaron to assuage his fears? All he said was “Come and do your thing.” He never actually dealt with his issues. How did he address his concerns, his feelings of inadequacy?

Perhaps, Moses was saying: Come and do, and all your fears will be stilled. You lack confidence? Start performing the services and you will see that it fits you like a glove. You were born to be a High Priest and that’s where you belong.

Moses was telling Aaron that if he would begin performing his chosen role, the rest would follow. As they say in Yiddish, Apetit kumt mit’n essen. Even if you’re not hungry, if you start eating, your appetite will follow. I suppose that’s why the first course in a meal is called an “appetizer.” (Trust Jews when it comes to food.)

Dr Moses was dispensing sound psychological advice. The surest way of developing confidence is to begin doing that which you fear. Throwing kids in the deep end to teach them how to swim may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it usually works. Some of the finest public speakers were microphone-shy, even neurotic at first. When we lack self-assurance, confronting our fears and phobias can be the best therapy. We discover that it really wasn’t all that bad after all and we actually manage better than we ever imagined. And from there our self-belief grows until we become quite relaxed about the whole thing.

I would venture to add that it applies to each of us in our Jewish lives. So many people are reluctant to get involved. Too many are intimidated by Judaism and because they are not confident enough about synagogue protocol or their Hebrew literacy, they simply opt out–and lose out. I can attest to hundreds of Jews of every age and stage who have been in that very position and then began coming to Shul. It didn’t take them long at all to feel part of the Shul family and they’ve never looked back. But this most spiritually gratifying part of their lives would never have been theirs if they didn’t take that first brave step.

“Come and do” said Moses to his humble and hesitant brother. Aaron came and did and the rest is history.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi & Mrs Yacov Borenstein

The Rebbe

To learn more about the Rebbe, click on the picture above.

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Shabbat Candles
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