Shabbat Shalom and Happy Pesach!


Rhinebeck Jewish Center


Pesach is almost here: We are ready, are you?!
This Shabbat is Shabbat Hagadol and there will be Minyan as well as a special kiddush sponsored by Jonathan Cohen in honor of his father’s birthday.
It will also be a goodbye lechaim to 16 W Chestnut St.
We hope to see you at our Seder(s)!!!
Wishing you a Happy and Kosher Pesach,

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Hanoch and Tzivie Hecht

Passover Observances

The first two days and last two days (the latter commemorating the splitting of the Red Sea) are full-fledged holidays. Holiday candles are lit at night, and kiddush and sumptuous holiday meals are enjoyed on both nights and days. We don’t go to work, drive, write or switch on or off electric devices. We are permitted to cook and to carry outdoors.
The middle four days are called chol hamoed, semi-festive “intermediate days,” when most forms of work are permitted.


To commemorate the unleavened bread that the Israelites ate when they left Egypt, we don’t eat-or even retain in our possession-any chametz from midday of April 18th until after nightfall on April 27th. Chametz means leavened grain-almost any processed food or drink can be assumed to be chametz unless certified otherwise.

Ridding our homes of chametz is an intensive process. It involves a full-out spring-cleaning search-and-destroy mission during the weeks before Passover, and culminates with a ceremonial search for chametz on the night before Passover, April 17th, and then a burning of the chametz ceremony on the morning before the holiday, April 18th. Chametz that cannot be disposed of can be sold to a non-Jew for the duration of the holiday.


We eat matzah-flat unleavened bread. It is a mitzvah to partake of matzah on the two Seder nights.


The highlight of Passover is the Seder, observed on each of the first two nights of the holiday. The Seder is a fifteen-step family-oriented tradition and ritual-packed feast.
The focal points of the Seder are:

  • Eating matzah(make sure you eat at leats 1 ounce worth of Matzah to fulfill this obligation).
  • Eating bitter herbs-to commemorate the bitter slavery endured by the Israelites.
  • Drinking four cups of wine or grape juice-a royal drink to celebrate our newfound freedom.
  • The recitation of the Haggadah, a liturgy that describes in detail the story of the Exodus from Egypt.


A little boy once returned home from Hebrew school and his father asked, “what did you learn today?”

He answered, “The Rabbi told us how Moses led the children of Israel out of Egypt.”


The boy said “Moses was a big strong man and he beat Pharoah up.  Then while he was down, he got all the people together and ran towards the sea.  When he got there, he has the Corps of Engineers build a huge pontoon bridge.  Once they got on the other side, they blew up the bridge while the Egyptians were trying to cross.”

The father was shocked.  “Is that what the Rabbi taught you?”

The boy replied, “No.  But you’d never beleive the story he DID tell us!”

The Rhinebeck Jewish Center is a project of Chabad Dutchess.

Events Calendar  

Minyan Club
Saturday Shabbat Services, 10:00 AM- 11:30 AM
Followed by a delicious Kiddush
16 W. Chestnut St., Rhinebeck NY

Shema Yisroel Radio Show

Your all Jewish American Radio Program

Every Sunday Morning

9:30 AM- 10:00 AM

Online Live Stream:

Soup Salad and Soul
Our monthly Women’s Brunch
3rd Sunday of every month
Next occurrence April 17th,2011

Pesach 2011

-Monday April 18th, 7:15 PM Services followed by Seder
-Tuesday April 19th, 7:30 PM Services followed by Seder
Suggested donation $18 per person.
At 102 Montgomery St. Rhinebeck, NY

PJ Popcorn
Our monthly club at the Starr Library in Rhinebeck. 1st Tuesday of every month, 6PM-7PM
Next occurrence, May 3rd 2011

Find us on Facebook

Candle Lighting Times:

-Friday, April15th:                LightCandles7:18 PM

-Shabbat, April 16th:      Shabbat ends 8:20 PM

Passover: -Pesach, April 18th:

Light candles at 7:21 PM

-2nd day Pesach, April 19th:

Light candles after 8:24 PM

-Wednesday April 20th:

Holiday ends at 8:25 PM


Chabad  offers a wide range of programs for the entire Jewish community. No membership is necessary, and we welcome all — regardless of affiliation or background.  

Chabad provides a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for Jewish families and individuals to explore our rich heritage.

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