Shabbat Shalom! Rhinebeck Jewish Center 5/25/2011

  Rhinebeck Jewish Center

We hope you enjoyed your Lag Baomer to the fullest extent!
We have lots of great programs and events lined up, so be sure to check out our Website at!
Mark your calendars and RSVP for June 8th and June 9th-Shavuos!

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Hanoch and Tzivie Hecht

Short thought


And when the camp journeys on, Aaron and his sons shall come and take down the dividing curtain [of the Sanctuary] and cover the Ark of Testimony with it. They shall place upon it a covering of tachash hide, and spread over it a garment wholly of blue-wool (4:5-6)

Like the Ark, the soul of man is encased within three coverings: 1) it is overlaid with a selfish and materialistic character (what Chassidism calls “the animal soul”); 2) it is imbedded within a physical body; 3) it is placed in a physical world which obscures and distorts the Divine reality.

As long as the Ark stood in its place in the Holy of Holies, it had no need for coverings. But when the time came for it to journey on, G-d commanded that it be “swallowed up” by its three-fold vestment. The same applies to the soul. A “spark of G-dliness,” the soul is perfect and complete unto itself. But to journey on–to advance further in the infinite journey toward union with its Infinite Source–it must undergo on a “descent for the sake of ascent.” It must be subjected to the three-fold concealment of human nature, physicality and worldliness, to discover, in the lowliest reaches of creation, the key for even greater connection with G-d.

(The Lubavitcher Rebbe)


Two poor Jews, Beryl and Shmeryl, walk by a church with a big sign: “Make an easy $100, convert to Christianity.” Shmeryl, needing the money, tells Beryl, “I’m going in.” Beryl protests, “How can you do that?!” Shmeryl ignores him and enters the building.

Half an hour later, Shmeryl returns. Beryl asks, “Nu? So you got the money?” Shmeryl answers, “You Jews! Everything by you is about money.”

Moshiach and the Future Redemption


Today, finally, we stand at the threshold of redemption. One more good deed by one more person may be all that’s needed to seal the deal.

 The Rhinebeck Jewish Center is a project of Chabad Dutchess.
Events Calendar  

Minyan Club
Saturday Shabbat Services, 10:30 AM- 12:00 PM
Followed by a delicious Kiddush
102 Montgomery St.,

Rhinebeck NY

Shema Yisroel Radio Show

Your all Jewish American Radio Program

Every Sunday Morning

9:30 AM- 10:00 AM

Online Live Stream:


Our monthly Women’s Brunch
Next occurrence, May 29th 2011

PJ Popcorn
Our monthly club at the Starr Library in Rhinebeck. 1st Tuesday of every month, 6PM-7PM
Next occurrence, June 7th 2011

Shavuos 2011!

-Tuesday June 7th:Midnight Learning, starting at 11 PM

-Wednesday June 8th:

5:30 PM Reading of the Ten Commandments

6:00 PM Gourmet Dairy Dinner&Cheesecake Buffet

-Thursday June 9th:

10:00 AM Morning Services

11:00 AM Yizkor Service

Followed by a delicious Kiddush

All the RJC, 102 Montgomery St. Rhinebeck,NY

Find us on Facebook

Candle Lighting Times:

-Friday, May 27th:                LightCandles8:02PM

-Shabbat, May 28th:     Shabbat ends 9:11 PM  

Chabad  offers a wide range of programs for the entire Jewish community. No membership is necessary, and we welcome all — regardless of affiliation or background.  

Chabad provides a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for Jewish families and individuals to explore our rich heritage.

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