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Chabad Lubavitch of Mid-Hudson Valley Newsletter

February 17, 2012  
Shevat 24, 5772
A word from the Rabbi 


Shabbat Sevices: Shabbat Services 10:00 AM followed by a delecious kiddush. Please come and join us.

Hebrew School: Presidents’ Day – No Hebrew school this Sunday.

Bagels, Lox and Torah (and Tefillin, too!): led by Rabbi Yacov Borenstein followed by a Torah discussion obagel

n the coming week’s Torah portion, upcoming holiday or any topic of Jewish interest.
Location: Chabad Lubavitch Center, 63 Vassar Rd., Poughkeepsie.
Sunday Mornings Services @ 9:00 AM Breakfast @ 9:30 AM.
Wednesday Morning Woman’s Torah class:
Come join us for Torah and Tea on Wednesday Mornings at 10:00 AM at the home of Hindy Borenstein, 36 Pleasant Ridge Dr., P’ok.
Indulge your mind with thought provoking insights from the weekly Torah portion and Jewish insights on teacontemporary issues. Warm your body with assorted hot teas and healthy snacks.
Class will be led by Hindy Borenstein
No previous knowledge or background necessary. Kindly RSVP by calling Hindy at 463-5801 or e-mail





purim 2012
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purim 2012
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Dear Friends,

The great part of this weeks Torah portion is concerned with laws of society (damages, criminal law, debts, etc.), an area popularly regarded as beyond the strict province of “religion.” Our world has succeeded in defining the rightful sphere of religious influence, immunizing other aspects of life from the demands and criteria of religion. Morality itself has become “secularized,” its origins and nourishment from religious teachings obscured.

justiceThese laws of justice are readily comprehended; there seems to be little of the mystical involved. Man’s intelligence subscribes to these laws and would probably have developed most of them, in principle at least. For men to live together with any semblance of security, certain rights of person and property and certain restrictions of freedom must be recognized. Society cannot exist without some legal system.

Here the Jewish attitude is at variance with the secular approach. Justice is not a means toward a peaceful society, merely another tool to advance man’s prosperity. Too many systems of law apparently based on this conception proved themselves futile, and their philosophic foundations provided the rationale for murder and robbery. (Exaggeration? Remember 1933-1945 in Europe?) Morality cannot be dedicated to self-promotion. Immoral means may seem more effective, and imperceptibly they become a new “morality.”

Justice, Judaism teaches, is not our invention. It is the declaration of G-d’s will, our means of serving and approaching Him. We may become richer or poorer by adhering to its principles, but our standards of right and wrong will not be swayed by selfish considerations.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Yacov and Hindy Borenstein

The New Extension to the Chabad Center
chabad house
To view it in full scale, click on image.

If you wish to dedicate or contribute for the New Bais Chabad Center please call the Rabbi for an appointment. 
The Rebbe

To learn more about the Rebbe, click on the picture above.

 Candle Lighting Times

 Poughkeepsie, NY   
Shabbat Candles
Friday, February 17

Light Candles at
Shabbat ends at:
Upcoming Events
Shabbat Services 

10:00 AM
followed by a delecious kiddush
Sunday morning services:
Bagels, Lox & Torah
 Service 9:00 AM
Breakfast 9:30 AM
at the Chabad Center
Women’s Torah class:
Torah snd Tea
Wednesday January 11
11:00 AM
at the Borenstein’s home
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