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February 24, 2012  
Adar 1, 5772
A word from the Rabbi 


Shabbat Sevices: Shabbat Services 10:00 AM followed by a delecious kiddush. Please come and join us.

Hebrew School: Hebrew School resumes this Sunday.

Bagels, Lox and Torah (and Tefillin, too!): led by Rabbi Yacov Borenstein followed by a Torah discussion obagel

n the coming week’s Torah portion, upcoming holiday or any topic of Jewish interest.
Location: Chabad Lubavitch Center, 63 Vassar Rd., Poughkeepsie.
Sunday Mornings Services @ 9:00 AM Breakfast @ 9:30 AM.
Wednesday Morning Woman’s Torah class:
Come join us for Torah and Tea on Wednesday Mornings at 10:00 AM at the home of Hindy Borenstein, 36 Pleasant Ridge Dr., P’ok.
Indulge your mind with thought provoking insights from the weekly Torah portion and Jewish insights on teacontemporary issues. Warm your body with assorted hot teas and healthy snacks.
Class will be led by Hindy Borenstein
No previous knowledge or background necessary. Kindly RSVP by calling Hindy at 463-5801 or e-mail





purim 2012
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purim 2012
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Dear Friends,

This week’s Torah portion discusses the building of the Mishkan (Tabernacle) which traveled with the Jews throughout the 40 years of their journey in the desert.

The Memenorahnorah and the Shulchan (Showbread Tableshulchan)

stood opposite each other in the outer chamber of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), and later in the Bais Hamikdosh (Temple) in Jerusalem; the menorah standing against the southern wall, and the Table against the northern wall.

The Menorah was kindled every afternoon and remained lit throughout the night. The lights of the menorah symbolize the illumination provided by Torah and Mitzvot; “For a mitzvah is a candle, and the Torah is light.” The spiritual illumination supplied by studying Torah and observing G-d’s commandments light up the darkest and coldest nights. As Isaiah said, “For behold, darkness shall cover the earth… and the L-rd shall shine upon you.”

Both our spiritual and physical needs are provided by G-d, and both come to us via the Temple. Every Shabbat, twelve loaves of bread were placed on the Table, where they remained until the following Shabbat. Bread is the staff of life, and a metaphor for all forms of nourishment. Thus the Table symbolizes all our material needs.

The Temple serves as the portal to Heaven. As Jacob said regarding the Temple Mount: “This is none other than the house of G-d, and this is the gate of Heaven.” This gateway serves a dual purpose: it is the path through which our prayers ascend to Heaven, and it is the conduit through which we receive all beneficence from Above. Both our spiritual and physical needs are provided by G-d, and both come to us via the Temple — the spiritual needs are channeled through the Menorah, and material largess through the Table.

The Biblical commentator Rabbi Shmuel ben Meir (Rashbam) (grandson of Rashi 1085-1174); explains that the Menorah’s practical purpose was to provide light for the Table. After all, the royal table needs to be illuminated by a royal candelabrum!

The message is quite clear. Our Torah and Mitzvot must “illuminate” all our physical pursuits. We cannot relegate the spiritual to the synagogue or to the hour or two of the day which we dedicate to Torah study, prayer and good deeds. Our connection with G-d must be apparent even while involved in a business meeting, or when sitting down to eat.

A home whose “Table” is illuminated by its ” Menorah ” is truly worthy of being a sanctuary wherein G-d willingly dwells.

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Yacov and Hindy Borenstein

The New Extension to the Chabad Center
chabad house
To view it in full scale, click on image.

If you wish to dedicate or contribute for the New Bais Chabad Center please call the Rabbi for an appointment. 
The Rebbe

To learn more about the Rebbe, click on the picture above.

 Candle Lighting Times

 Poughkeepsie, NY   
Shabbat Candles
Friday, February 24

Light Candles at
Shabbat ends at:
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Shabbat Services 

10:00 AM
followed by a delecious kiddush
Sunday morning services:
Bagels, Lox & Torah
 Service 9:00 AM
Breakfast 9:30 AM
at the Chabad Center
Women’s Torah class:
Torah and Tea
Wednesday January 11
11:00 AM
at the Borenstein’s home
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