Reminder: Sell your Chometz! Passover Seders!

Rhinebeck Jewish Center

Reminder: Sell your Chometz! 

Before the holiday of Passover begins, one of the most important customs is to sell all the Chometz (leavened products) in your possession.
A special closed off designated area is chosen to stash all the Chometz you cannot get rid off before Passover (it can be the basement, a cabinet or storage area, as long as it is inaccessible to you for the duration of Passover.)

To sell your Chometz, simply fill out the form below and get it to Rabbi Hecht. He will take care of the rest!

Passover Community Seders

The RJC’s community Seders are warm, inviting and inspirational.
Enjoy real Shmurah Matzah and the 4 cups of wine. Hear the Rabbi
explain excerpts from the Haggadah and relive the Exodus.

Matzahkiddush cup
Passover Schedule:

Friday April 6th 2012:
Community Seder* begins at 7:15 PM
Saturday April 7th 2012:
Morning Services 9:30 AM
Community Seder* begins at 7:30 PM
Sunday April 8th 2012:
Morning Services at 9:30 AM*Suggested donation $25 per adult $10 per child. Early Bird Special: RSVP before April 1st and it’s only $18 per adult! No one will be turned away due to lack funds.

Chametz Sale Form
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