Shabbat Shalom! 6/20/2012

Rhinebeck Jewish Center

Upcoming Events

Kiddush Club
Services 9:30 AM
Followed by a delicious Kiddush
102 Montgomery St., Rhinebeck NY 12572
Shema Yisroel Radio Show

Your all Jewish American Radio Program

Every Sunday Morning

9:30 AM- 10:00 AM

Online Live Stream:

Journey into the Weekly Torah Portion
Every Monday in July, 7:30 PM at the RJC
Study the weekly Parsha with Rabbi Hanoch Hecht

From Moses to Microsoft
Wednesday July 11th,
Wednesday July 18th
7:00 PM-8:00 PM
At the Millbrook Library
(3 Friendly Ln
Millbrook, NY 12545)


Our monthly Women’s Brunch
Dates: July 15th, August 19th and August 23rd

Movie Night – ‘Defiance’
Thursday July 12th, 8:00 PM at the Delamater Inn Conf. Center located at 6435 Rte 9, Rhinebeck NY 12572
Cantorial Shabbat
For the first time ever, Cantor Yaron Levy of Sydney, Australia will lead us into an uplifting and beautiful Shabbat.
Friday August 3rd at 7:30 PM
Saturday August 4th at 9:30 AM


With a full-on heatwave upon us, we urge you to hydrate and stay healthy!

For keeping your soul ‘hydrated and healthy’, we suggest checking out our array of summer programs and events. We’ve got something for everyone!
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Hanoch and Tzivie Hecht

Short thought




In honor of 3 Tammuz, the anniversary of the passing of the Lubavitcher Rebbe:


To Save a Life: There is a story told about the Rebbe’s early life that seems to be almost symbolic of everything that was to follow. When he was nine years old, the young Menachem Mendel courageously dove into the Black Sea and saved the life of a little boy who had fallen from the deck of a moored ship. That sense of “other lives in danger” seems to have dominated his consciousness; of Jews drowning in assimilation, ignorance or alienation–and no one hearing their cries for help: Jews on campus, in isolated communities, under repressive regimes. From early childhood he displayed a prodigious mental acuity. By the time he reached his Bar Mitzvah, the Rebbe was considered an
illuy, a Torah prodigy.





  bird cartoon

Moshiach and the future Redemption

 We will then be treated to a reward that can only be viewed as a gift from Above, for its greatness is such that finite human efforts could never earn such bounty.

Candle Lighting Times:

-Friday June 22nd:

Light candles at: 8:17 PM
-Shabbat June 23rd:
Shabbat ends: 9:27 PM
Chabad offers a wide range of programs for the entire Jewish community. No membership is necessary, and we welcome all — regardless of affiliation or background.

Chabad provides a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for Jewish families and individuals to explore our rich heritage.

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