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Friday, Jan 10, 2014

Shevat 9, 5774


A word from the Rabbi



Shabbat Services: 10:00 AM. This week we will be having a special kiddush sponsored by the Ben Ezra family in honor of the yartzeit of their beloved wife & mother, Helen obm. May the soul of Helene have an everlasting elevation and may she intercede on behalf of her family and loved ones.   

We also look forward this week again for the best cholent in town prepared by our beloved chef Manny Markus.  


Chabad Hebrew School:  Sunday’s 10:00 AM – 12:15 PM.

Visit to the Rebbe’s Ohel  

In connection with the Tenth day of

Shvat, the yahrzeit of the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe which falls out this Shabbat, a group will be visiting the Rebbe’s Ohel (resting place) this Sunday in Quenns to pray. Anyone wishing to have their name(s) mentioned at the Ohel please e-mail to chabadmidhudsonvly@prodigy.net your full Hebrew name and mother’s full Hebrew name and any special request(s) you may have.

The day of a Tzadik’s passing is a special day and our prayers are especially heard at a tzadik’s resting place.

Anyone who wishes to join us please call the Rabbi asap for details.

Tu B’Shvat Lunch N Learn

Join us this Wednesday for a Lunch N Learn in honor of Tu B’Shvat at the Chabad Center, 63 Vassar Rd.

Class at 11:00 AM

Tu B’Shvat-

Fruit for Thought: A GPS for personal Growth

Followed by light lunch

RSVP requested by e-mailing chabadmidhudsonvly@prodigy.net

Donation requested to cover lunch. 

Dear Friends,

This Shabbat, January 11, is the 10th day of the Hebrew month of Shevat, marks the 64 th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe, who passed away in 1950 in NY.

Previous Lubavitcher RebbeThe Rebbe who became the 6th leader of Chabad in 1920, was a saintly man with a vast knowledge of Torah and an incredible unbreakable courageous Jewish spirit.

He fought to keep the flame of Judaism alive under Communist rule in Soviet Russia. In 1927, he was arrested on the charge of treason for setting up a network of underground Shuls, Yeshivas and Mikvahs. Despite brutal torture he did not implicate a single other person. A KGB officer threatened him with a gun saying, “This toy has opened many mouths!” The Rebbe replied, “That toy only scares those that have many gods but one world, but I who have one G-d and two worlds and I am thus not afraid of your little toy at all.” He was sentenced to death but was miraculously later freed.

He arrived in NY in 1940 and laid the groundwork for what is today the world-wide Chabad network of Torah outreach centers numbering more than 4500 across the world.

May we never forget those untold thousands who gave up their lives for the survival of Judaism under Communism. May their righteous memories be for a blessing for our generation today.

This day also marks the day on which the Rebbe ascended to the leadership of Chabad in 1951, one year after his father-in-law’s passing. He changed the entire scope and direction of Jewish life in every corner of the globe. The Rebbe inspired the greatest outreach movement Judaism has ever seen.

The Rebbe, as he is known to millions around the globe, revitalized a Jewish world seeking to recover from the devastation of the Holocaust. His inspiration led thousands of his followers to abandon their families and familiar surrounding and set up posts in the furthest corners of the globe, all with one intention-to reach out to Jews everywhere with the beauty and warmth of Judaism.

They come armed with two things-their love for their fellow Jews and a burning passion to make a difference in the lives of others.
The Rebbe continues to be the source of their inspiration, and the source of inspiration to millions, both Jews and non-Jews, to live lives of meaning and purpose, making this world a place where G-d’s presence can be felt in a very real way.
This Shabbat is thus a day to take upon oneself good resolutions in Torah study and Mitzvah observance. Many thousands will be visiting the resting place of both Rebbes. So let us all use the opportunity for this special day providing us to be inspired by the Rebbe’s teachings, his unconditional love of every Jew, and his belief that everyone of us can make a difference.

Shabbat Shalom, 


Rabbi Yacov & Hindy Borenstein




              JEWISH HUMOR Joke.jpg
A magician was working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The audience would be different each week, so the magician allowed himself to do the same tricks over and over again.
There was only one problem: The captain’s parrot saw the shows every week and began to understand what the magician did in every trick. Once he understood that, he started shouting in the middle of the show.
“Look, it’s not the same hat!” “Look, he’s hiding the flowers under the table!” “Hey, why are all the cards the Ace of Spades?”
The magician was furious but couldn’t do anything, it was the captain’s parrot after all.
One day the ship had an accident and sank. The magician found himself on a piece of wood, in the middle of the ocean, and of course the parrot was by his side.
They stared at each other with hate, but did not utter a word. This went on for several days.
After a week the parrot finally said, “Okay, I give up. What did you do with the boat?”

The New Extension to the Chabad Center
chabad house
To view it in full scale, click on image.
If you wish to dedicate or contribute for the New Bais Chabad Center please call the Rabbi for an appointment. 
The Rebbe

To learn more about the Rebbe, click on the picture above.

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