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Friday February 7, 2014


Adar 1, 7  5774

Parshat Tetzaveh

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A word from the Rabbi 

Shabbat Sevices: 10:00 AM followed by a delicious Kiddush and famous Cholent by Chabad’s great chef, Manny Markus.

hebrew school
Hebrew School: Sunday 10:00-12:15 PM
Bagels, Lo x and Torah (and Tefillin, too!)
led by Rabbi Yacov Borenstein.
Our Sunday morning minyan will follow a Tobagelrah discussion on the coming week’s Torah portion, upcoming holiday or any topic of Jewish interest.
Location: Chabad Lubavitch Center, 63 Vassar Rd., Poughkeepsie.
Dates: Sunday morning’s services @ 9:00 AM. Breakfast @ 9:30 AM.
Discover the World of Prayer: led by Hindy Borenstein.
Torah woman study

Indulge your mind with thought provoking insights from the weekly Torah portion and other contemporary issues, and your body, with a light and healthy lunch. Classes are on Wednesday’s at 10:00 AM at the Borenstein home, 36 Pleasant Ridge Dr., Pok.

Reserve the Date:
“Purim Under the Sea

March 16, 4:00 PM
at the Mercury Grand Hotel

Dear Friends,

The name of Moses does not appear in this week’s Torah portion, Parshat Tetzaveh, even though he is alluded to. The reason for this is that Moses had requested of G-d, when the Children of Israel made the Golden Calf, that if He was not prepared to forgive the Children of Israel, then He should erase him “from Your book…” Although the Jewish people were forgiven, the words of a righteous individual (tzaddik) are powerful and Moses’ decree was realized through his name being missed out from this one Parshah.

The commentator Baal Haturim points out that while Moses’ actual name does not appear, Moses himself is very much present. The entire portion consists of G-d’s words to Moses! Indeed, the it’s first word is “and you [shall command…]” — the you being Moses.

A person’s name does not reflect that person’s essential self. A name, or a descriptive word applied to a person, is used by others to refer to that person. The essential self, the essence of the person, however, is beyond description and limitation.

The word “you” at the beginning of the portion connotes its subject’s very self, in contrast to a person’s name which is a mere “handle” on his personality. This means that although his name does not appear, Moses is, in essence, more present in our portion than if he would be mentioned by name, limited to the description that a name implies.

Because Moses was prepared to forgo mention of his name in the Torah for the sake of his people, he merited that his quintessential self — that level of self that cannot be captured by any name or designation — be included in the Torah. It is this level of Moses’ self that is expressed by his “nameless” presence in this week’s Torah portion.

We all have a tendency to label ourselves, and each other. So-and-so is a this-ist or a that-ist. A name provides only a limited window into what a person really is. There is a fundamental essence which we each possess and which transcends limitation. When we stop trying to label each other and focus on what is deep inside, on the essence, we realize that we are not really so different and it is much easier to get along.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi Yacov & Hindy Borenstein


Joke.jpg JEWISH HUMOR!  

A very successful businessman had a meeting with his new son-in-law. “I love my daughter, and now I welcome you into the family,” said the man. “To show you how much we care for you, I’m making you a 50-50 partner in my business. All you have to do is go to the factory every day and learn the operations.”

The son-in-law interrupted, “I hate factories. I can’t stand the noise.”

“I see,” replied the father-in-law. “Well, then you’ll work in the office and take charge of some of the operations.”

“I hate office work,” said the son-on-law. “I can’t stand being stuck behind a desk all day.”

“Wait a minute,” said the father-in-law. “I just make you half-owner of a moneymaking organization, but you don’t like factories and won’t work in a office. What am I going to do with you?”

“Easy,” said the young man. “Buy me out.”

The New Extension to the Chabad Center
chabad house
To view it in full scale, click on image.
If you wish to dedicate or contribute for the New Bais Chabad Center please call the Rabbi for an appointment.
The Rebbe

To learn more about the Rebbe, click on the picture above.

     Candle Lighting Times

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Shabbat Candles
Friday, February 7 

Light Candles at:
5:01 PM
Shabbat ends at:
6:03 PM
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Shabbat Services 

10:00 AM
followed by a delecious kiddush
Sunday morning services:
Bagels, Lox & Torah
 Service 9:30 AM
Breakfast 10:00 AM
at the Chabad Center
Women’s Torah class:
Torah and Tea
Wednesday’s 10:00 AM
at the Borenstein’s home
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