Shabbat Shalom! RJC 7/4/2014

Rhinebeck Jewish Center

Upcoming Events

Kiddush Club 
Shabbat Day
Services 9:30 AM
Followed by a delicious Kiddush
102 Montgomery St., Rhinebeck NY 12572
Shabbaton: How Dating Works In The Hasidic Community – Lecture by

Rabbi Hanoch and Rebbetzin Tzivie Hecht
Services 7:00 PM, Dinner 7:30 PM
Friday night July 11th 2014

Holocaust Memorial Movie Night

“Portrait of Wally”
Sunday July 13th. 7:30 PM. $12 per person
At the Starr Library in Rhinebeck

Annual Kosher Family BBQ

Our annual summer BBQ lunch: Sunday July 27th 2014 at 4:00 PM

Annual Cantorial


Renowned Cantor Yaron Levy will lead a melodious and inspirational Shabbat: Friday August 8th – Services 7:00 PM, Dinner and Lecture 7:30 PM
Shabbat August 9th – Services 9:30 AM

Israeli Culture Day
Sunday August 17th, 12:00 PM @ the RJC: Authentic Israeli Lunch featuring Falafel, Shwarma, Pita, Hummus, Salads and more accompanied by Israeli music and atmosphere.

We would like to wish you and yours a very happy July 4th Weekend! We are so grateful to be living in this great country and to have our independence and freedom.
Please join us for Minyan this Shabbat, at 9:30 AM  followed by a delicious Kiddush. See you there!!
Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Hanoch and Tzivie Hecht

Short Thought:

And Balaam arose in the morning, and saddled his ass (22:21)

From here we see how hatred causes a person to break from convention. Balaam had many servants at his disposal; yet in his eagerness to go curse Israel, he saddled his ass himself. Said the Almighty: “Evil one! Their father, Abraham, has already preempted you when, to fulfill My will, he ‘rose early in the morning and saddled his donkey’ (Genesis 22:3).”


In order to place before man the “free choice” that is essential to his mission in life, G-d so ordered His world that every positive force has its negative counterpart. Were there to exist a good element which cannot be put to corrupt use, then man’s potential for evil would be disadvantaged and would not present the equal challenge which makes for the choice factor in life. In the words of King Solomon (Ecclesiastes 7:14), “One corresponding to the other, G-d created.”

But this “equality” between good and evil extends only to the most superficial level of reality. When a person learns to look beyond the surface of things to their inherent purpose, he will see that only the good in the world is real and substantial. Good is an existence in its own right, while evil exists merely to provide the tension which imbues the positive acts of man with meaning and significance.

Hence, there cannot be anything “original” to evil, which is but a shallow, corrupted refraction of the good in the world. If Balaam was able to transcend the norm with the intensity of his hate, this was only because, centuries earlier, Abraham had done the same out of love of his Creator.

(The Lubavitcher Rebbe)



Giving his Shabbat Sermon, Rabbi Felderberg heard two teenage girls in the back giggling and disturbing people. So Rabbi Felderberg interrupted his sermon and announced sternly, “There are two of you here who have not heard a word I’ve said and I’m sorry but that is no way to treat the rabbi’s sermon.” That quieted them down.

When the service was over, Rabbi Felderberg greeted people at the front door as usual. But a strange thing happened. About a third of the congregation approached him quietly and apologized for sleeping in shul during the rabbi’s sermon, promising it would never happen again.

Please say Tehilim for a complete Refuah Shelemah for our friends:
 Mr.Curtis Katz . Hebrew name: Tzadok Hacohen ben Esther
Mrs. Barbara Glazer : Baila Gittel bas Mindel
Menachem Mendel ben Menucha Rochel
Huna Yael ben Mindel
MindelBayla Bas Chana EstherThis week was a hardship on the Jewish people, and our hearts are shattered by the tragedy of losing three innocent young souls. May their families be comforted by the mourners of Zion and may we only hear and share good news from here on out. We will not forget you, Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaer and Eyal Yifrah z”l.

May we only share good news!
Please contact us to have a Mazal Tov or Announcement placed here to share with the community.
845.876.7666 or
Candle Lighting Times:  
Friday, July 4
Light Candles at: 8:16 pm
Shabbat, July 5
Shabbat Ends: 9:26 pm
If you or someone you know are in need of candles and/or information about lighting Shabbat candles, please contact the RJC at 845.876.7666 
Chabad offers a wide range of programs for the entire Jewish community. No membership is necessary, and we welcome all — regardless of affiliation or background.

Chabad provides a non-judgmental, welcoming environment for Jewish families and individuals to explore our rich heritage.

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